• Solar And Lunar Eclipse

    Solar And Lunar Eclipse

  • What is an executive order?

    What is an executive order?

Solar And Lunar Eclipse
Solar And Lunar Eclipse

An eclipse is a situation that occurs when an object gets in between you and another object hence blocking your view.

What is an executive order?
What is an executive order?

You are not the only one asking this question. While a lot of people have heard this term used on numerous occasions, few of them can accurately define it.

What is Gun Control?
What is Gun Control?

Gun control is probably one of the most sensitive issues, not just in the United States but in several countries as well.

Potty Train Your Toddler Tips

Preparedness for toilet training at diverse ages. Potty train your toddler can be hard, and frustrating, particularly if you feel stressed from outside sources to get the growing child utilize the toilet. Below are a few tips on Start Potty Training your child. Moreover, you should find out whether or not your child is willing to be trained in any way.

Try To Find Signs of Willingness

Probably the ideal tip on potty training is to wait untijnb5erd5t26ye7252et62l the child shows signs that he or she is prepared to use the toilet. Otherwise, then training can be useless. If the child does not consider it wise to use the toilet and displays no signs of readiness, maybe you should wait until all these signs are obvious. Do not feel stressed by family or friends to train your kid before this.

Certain signs of readiness can include:
* A dislike of getting a wet diaper
* The child tells you as he or she is all about to get a bowel movement
* The child is curious about the toilet or bathroom
* The child has bowel movements at consistent times

Bring in Them to the Bathroom Once You Go

When using the washroom yourself, you can invite your toddler in along with you. Display them what you are doing, and then explain this is where ‘big’ girls or boys go potty. Show how to flush the toilet to them, and allow them to try flushing it by themselves. Some children may be scared by the loud noise of the flushing, so make them comfortable with this. Obtaining them used to the bathroom will assist in potty training your child.

Use Positive Encouragement

When your hnv4r2w3e5d2t6ey72u82child makes use of the potty, praise them, and even a bit treat, like a smartie or sticker. Positive reinforcement makes the child believe that going ‘potty’ in the toilet is a great thing, and this may lead to repeat behaviour.

Accept Accidents

Know that during potty training; a lot of accidents will take place. If you accept this at the beginning, you will discover that you anticipate accidents, as well as don’t become as discouraged when they do occur. When these accidents happen, let your child realize that it’s OK, but keep encouraging him or her to use the toilet.

Remember that your child will finally learn how to use the rest room, and that potty train your toddler reward at some point. Every child differs. Just be patient, and finally, it will happen.

Why Should You Buy LED Headlights


If you reverse the clock and have a look at the cars five years back, you will learn that the automobile manufacturers were using the LED headlights kits. The led headlight kits is meant to make their cars dazzling enough to grab the attention of the media. But now LED headlights have become a fashion, and most of the car makers are using this technology.

LED headlights


LED headlights have become very common and unavoidable thing in premium luxury vehicles. They are brighter than bulbs and more durable.ffddfdfdfdfgfgfg

The LED headlights have many colors, but mostly you will find them in white and red. According to a survey, more than 65 percent consumers love to spend their money on LED headlights for their benefits over other headlights.

Nowadays, LED headlights have become a further stunning addition to vehicles. It is very hard to car makers and consumers not to go for LED headlights when they look at luxury cars. First of all, they are stunningly beautiful and secondly, they are reliable and durable.

One of the reasons why consumers want to go for LED headlights is that they consume 65-75 percent less power than the Halogen lights. This factor played a vital role in contributing to the fame of LED headlights.


After a few years, most of the companies will be using the LED headlights, at least expectedly, in their new models because this technology saves the power more than fifty percent. Riders aren’t much worried about their dissipating battery even if they keep on using them throughout the day time.

It does not use more than 25 watts, and these 25 watt LED headlights work better than other headlights. By this, you can have a brighter compelling vision at the night time as it truly improves the visibility by up to 280 percent compared to the old bulbs. Mostly you will find them waterproof, and they have more than ten years warranty.

Installing the LED headlights

gffgffgffgfgfgfgfgAfter installing the LED headlights, most of the consumers noticed the difference when they compared them to the HID lights they had and these consumers found the pure white LED headlights brighter also in the day time, and they have a much cleaner view.

On one hand these lights are bright and beautiful, and on the contrary, they are reliable and durable – more than you’d asked for. What else does a buyer need?

Of course, a buyer will go for such awesome technology to fascinate the people he knows. LED kits also have built in fans in them. If you are looking for some great LED headlights kits, find them on the internet.

Glass Door Bar Fridge Buying Guide


A glass door bar fridge is a great appliance that can easily fit in your small office, home apartment studio or even school dormitory. There are various models and sizes of bar fridges you can buy online or in a local store. However knowing the right type to choose from the many options can be challenging, listed below is a handy guide that will help you choose the right fridge.

Things to consider when buying a glass door bar fridge

1. Noise levels

All fridges will make some noise. There are different tiers of noise with low being almost silent, medium a bit quite but can still be heard and high with a bit of noise. Inquire about the level of noise before you make your purchase.

2. Domestic Vs commercial usejfdhjdhfkjsfsf

Commercial bar fridges work longer, have to be bigger and work harder than domestic bar fridges. A commercial fridge will, therefore, need to be more sturdy and larger than a home bar fridge. Always keep this in mind while shopping for a glass bar fridge.

3. Energy efficiency

A bar fridge power consumption will vary depending on the model, usage, and type. It’s good always to know the amount of power a bar fridge consumes before making a purchase. You can ask a seller or manufacturer for an energy efficiency bar fridge to save on power consumption.

A glass door bar fridge will consume more energy compared to a solid door fridge. Is important to know that some models will consume much more energy due to poor engineering and low-quality parts.

4. Condensation due to moisture

A glass door compared to a solid door bar fridge will produce more moisture. To prevent condensation on your glass door fridge, consider buying a unit with a heated or lowly tinted glass. You do not want the moisture from the fridge to destroy your flooring with droplets of water.

5. Size

There are ihjdfgjdhgkjfdgdmportant considerations to make regarding the best size of the fridge to buy such as the available space, domestic vs. commercial usage, power consumption, noise level, personal preference, etc. Putting these considerations in mind will help you buy a glass door fridge that meets your needs.

You can buy a glass door bar fridge online or in a local store depending on your preferences. Knowing what to look for will help you find a fridge that best meets your needs. Do your research and look for a glass door fridge that is of high quality, has a good warranty and meets your budget.

Home Pest Control Tips


Controlling pests at home is an art that every household should master. Homes are invaded by all types of pest and it is important to know how to deal with them before calling a pest exterminator. Visit all pest to get rid of all your home pest. Some of the common household pests are insects like bedbugs, cockroaches, terminates and ants that invade our homes for various reasons.

In this group of pest, we also include rodents like mice and ants that can be very destructive to our homes. The secret is knowing how to handle this pest before they become a menace and cause the distraction. There are various household items that can be used to fight these pets.

Fighting pests at home

Borax and sugar

This is the perfect control for ants that invade your home and destroy the foundation of the dfgdhkdkdjkghome. All you need is a cup of borax and sugar and mix them together in a jar. This mixture is then poured on the foundation of the home all the way round to keep ants away.

The function of sugar is to attract all the ants into the area, but then the borax mixed with sugar will poison the ants and keep them away forever. Borax alone can be used to kill cockroaches although you should be careful not to come into contact with children or pets.


You will be surprised that your normal hair spray will work just the same way the insect spray works. In case, you don’t have your hair spray, and you need to get rid of flying insects like wasps and mosquito a hair spray will just work fine to solve the problem.

The best thing with the air spray is it is a bit friendly to the environment compared to most of the insect sprays available on the market.

Bacon in a trap

If you want to tvncmxn,vxn,xvrap the mouse or any other type of rodents it is always advisable to put something that will encourage the rodent to the trap. Some of the bait you can use as bait include bacon, meat or peanut butter.

These are some of the things that rodent like to eat. As the rodent approaches to eat the bacon or peanut butter, it will be automatically captured by the trap.

To make sure that you don’t have to deal with rodents in future, make sure that you seal all the inlets to your home. If there are any holes around the house where the rodents can enter the house make sure they are completely sealed.

Sealed Tapered Roller Bearings


Sealed tapered roller bearings contain an outer, ring, inner ring, and some tapered rollers. When examined individually, the outer and the inner bearings are also tapered like a cone segment. Visit www.ttv-gmbh.de/o-ring and see the variety of bearings. Typically, s roller bearings have a large surface hence, can withstand a heavy axial and radial loads.

About other bearings, these bearings have a unique design. For instance, the rollers’ diameters have different sizes leading to the name tapered bearings. More so, tapered bearings can work under extremely hard conditions.

Type of forces

Bearings are often subjected to a combination of two forces. The first force is the thrust basfdkjhjkdkjdgde force that is made parallel to the shaft that pulls it out of the bearing. When securing a vertical shaft, this force is ever there.

A good example of such equipment is screw conveyor. The second is the radial force that acts perpendicular to the shaft. These include forces needed to hold a shaft in place. Another example is the head shaft and pulley on a conveyor or a bucket elevator.

Tapered roller bearings components

Multiple rollers rows

Since the bearings that uses a single set of rollers in one direction can only carry axial thrust in one direction, manufacturers often place rows of rollers next to the ball bearing so that the thrust along either side can be endured. Typically, it’s common to find rollers with two or four rows.

Axial only loads

These bearings are also made like the thrust. This means that the rollers age put in such a way that their axes are not parallel to the bearing. The larger diameter is, therefore, put further than the smaller diameter. For this configuration, no cones are used.

Axial loads

The angle made by the point of contact between the rollers and the cup often dictates the kind of a load for which the bearing is made. The bigger the angle, the more suitable the bearing to handle the thrust load.

fhsjdskhskhHowever, the capability to contain radial loads is proportionally reduced. Moreover, for sealed tapered roller bearings having a single row of rollers, can only tolerate axial loads in one row.

Remember, for the bearings to work properly, each one of them must be installed well and also aligned with the shaft so as to avoid the damage to the seals or the bearing.In these bearings, the outer and the inner ring raceways are segments of rollers and cones having a taper so that the surfaces of the roller axes and the raceways would always meet at a common point.

Advantages of Hiring a Certified Locksmith


Do you need to install a new lock in your home or office? Have you lost your keys? Find a Locksmith Phoenix for your locksmith services. Or you just need to replace your lock and keys in your home or office door?

In some cases, you may want to do these tasks by yourself only to realize that you don’t have the expertise and appropriate tools for the job. In this case, hiring a certified locksmith is inevitable. But why do you need to hire a certified locksmith in your home or office?

Advantages of hiring a certified locksmith

There are numerous advantages of hiring a certified locksmith at least once in your life. Professional locksmiths have qualities needed for the excellent job. The following are reasons for hiring a professional locksmith in your home or office;

Adequate trainingfjkdjslkjflsjfs

A certified locksmith possesses undergone all the mandatory training required for various key, lock and security system jobs. Hiring a certified locksmith will give you a guarantee of a quality job, owing to the vast experience in the field. On the other hand, unqualified locksmiths have learnt the job by themselves hence posing a danger to the customers.

Offer the best advice

Certified locksmith has vast knowledge and expertise on how auto security, commercial and residential system works. Trained locksmiths understand various types of picking tools, key stamps, installation kits, automotive tools, and drilling tools.

Moreover, certified locksmiths have a good understanding of the risks that criminals and burglars pose to your home, business, or automobile. Therefore, a professional locksmith will offer the best advice on how to protect your home, business, or vehicle.

Bonded and insured

Certified locksmiths are usually bonded and insured for their job. This gives you protection against damages that might occur during the job. You don’t have to worry about incurring any costs of damages that arise during the work are taken care of. This is the privilege that you will never get if you hire unskilled locksmiths.

Affordable chardkfjdkgjkdfjgdfges

Certified locksmiths usually offer affordable charges for their services. This means you can get top quality services for less money compared to uncertified locksmiths who charge inflated prices. Certified always aim at providing ultimate customer satisfaction at affordable charges.

Four Vital Physical and Psychological Benefits Of Dog Toys


It goes without saying that dogs have it in their nature to enjoy the play. Hence, toys are invaluable tools the dog in your life. Go to Pet Gear Lab and find toys for your dog. Toys will help your dog to learn, develop a good relationship with you, and above all, keep them it healthy.

Without toys, you may find your dog considering something else to do. For example, your dog can chew your slippers or shoes to give boredom at bay. Therefore, this write-up is intended to give you four vital physical and psychological benefits of dog toys.

Benefits of toys for dogs

1.Promote healthy gums and teeth

Apart from keeping your pet busy, a dog toy has particular health benefits. A dog requires chewing to keep its teeth and gums in a healthy condition. You can choose to purchase specialized chew toys whidhfsjfhsjfhsjfch are designed to aid your pet to clean its teeth.

A dog toy will not only ensure healthy teeth and gums but accords a less plaque. Less plaque implies a fresher breath which is certainly a benefit to you. Furthermore, a chew toy will keep your dog busy and less likely to chew up your pillows and cushions which would otherwise get your house torn apart.

2.Excellent source of exercise

Your dog requires daily exercise to stay fit. Though you can help your pet to attain physical fitness by taking it out on walks and spending some time playing in the backyard, it will probably need extra exercise beyond what you can provide.

Therefore, dog toys play an imperative role in ensuring that your dog gets indispensable exercise. For example, a safe toy that provides excellent exercise is the ball launcher.

3.Stimulate intelligence

The more intelligent dog breeds occasionally require mental stimulation. The mental stimulation required by such a dog goes beyond the mere play of chasing a ball. Therefore, there are specially designed toys to keep your talented pet occupied.

For example, you can purchase a Checker Bone Wooden Treat Puzzle. This dog toy will reward your dog with a treat once they undertake a successful slide and open the right doors.

4.Provide cdkjshfkjsdhfksfompanionship

Your dog can get lonely, especially when you are away. Hence, when you are not around, your dog requires
something else to keep it company. Therefore, a beloved toy is an excellent source of comfort for your dog, just as it can for a kid.

In most cases, many dogs love taking care of their toys and even take them everywhere. For example, a good dog toy to serve this purpose is a plush toy.

The great benefits of branding


The business world has a high level of competition. Once you have stepped in, you can already anticipate the sight of companies that are trying to outsmart each other. With this, you can clearly tell that achieving success is not a piece of cake. Whatever your products and services are, you can expect competitors. You should be aware that there are hundreds of other companies that are trying to make their businesses stand out.


ghsaghsahgshgsBranding is the process of forming unique and durable perceptions in the minds of customers. A brand is a distinct business identity that separates your products and services from that of the other enterprises. In short, this is how consumers remember what you are offering. The more they get to know and become familiar with what you are offering, the higher is the chance of you gaining their trust and business.

Most people think that branding is only for large companies, but this is not true. This process is for all businesses regardless of the size. In fact, it would help you a lot if you start establishing your brand even if you have just started with a small business as this will aid you put your company on the pedestal. You can even seek the assistance of the branding agencies so you can be confident that you will get better results.

What are the benefits of branding?

Makes your business memorable among consumers

As long as you come up with a strong branding method, consumers are most likely to remember your products and services. First and foremost, you need to have a business name that can easily attract the attention of the customers. Of course, you wouldn’t like people saying ‘that store in the mall’ or ‘that shop online’. If you have a company name, people will use it from time to time, and this is what makes it stay in their minds. So, the next time that they are in need of your line of products or services, they already know the name of your business, and they will go directly to your store.

Builds customer loyalty

If your company can provide a good experience to consumers, you can be sure that memorable products and services will build customer loyalty. This means that the individuals who have purchased your brand will become repeat customers. As you continue providing them with good products or services, there is no doubt that they will become your loyal customers.

Reduces marketing expenses

gfsagfasgasgasOnce you have gained loyal customers, you no longer have to spend a lot of money on advertising. You already have the guarantee that your loyal customers will keep on coming back to you.

Beat The Summer Heat Using A Ventless Portable Air Conditioner


Every individual should consider owning a Ventless Portable Air conditioner, especially during the dry seasons. This is because this may be the absolute to have it house to escape from your heat which would nearly be boiling.

Obtaining it property shall allow you to beat the heat and hence have a comfortable stay at household. The portable air conditioner without vent is essential  in the homes and offices. The fact that it is portable means it can be easily moved from one point to another.

Advantages of portable air conditioner without vent


Unlike, the fixed window air conditioner which is set to some window along with the cabinet air conditioner whose hhghghggfgfcompressor extends outside, the ventless portable air conditioner might be utilized comfortably as when required by the home or an office.
And adding to its portability will be the ventless feature which doesn’t demand any exterior connection to some compressor.

Great savings

This kind of air conditioner brings in significant savings to your utility bills and saves energy too. Considering that it will need not be connected to some compressor, it saves lots of power and, therefore, your funds. They also need quite reduced maintenance because of their compact and basic structuring.


In recent times, the ventless portable air conditioners are becoming much more and additional well-known due to their size and efficacy. They proffer cold air by absorbing every one of the hot and humid air in a distinct room and then throw it outside and get the exterior fresh breeze into your living rooms.

Hence, you’ll be able to think about the ventless portable air conditioners if you intend to have an air conditioner household this summer.

Cool temperature

With ventless units, you do not have to stress about hot air being expelled from the unit into the room because such air conditioners will have a pipe attached to them thru that the hot air can be expelled.

All you need to do to vent the hot air is extend the pipeline to a place where expelling hot air is safe; in this demeanor the hot air from the unit is expelled out of the room and the unit can continue to maintain its cooling at a uniform temperature.

Ventless Portable Air conditioner

ybvfgwqAnd, when you would like to leave one room and enter another one all that you need to do is move your transportable ventless air conditioner to that room where it can then cool a new room.

But before setting out for shopping, just confirm that you’ve enough idea of every one of the requisites with the unit you might be going to purchase.

What you need to know when getting into business

The business world has given a lot of people the opportunity to get ahead in life. This is quite evident with the vast number of successful corporations and companies all over the world. Not to mention that many of them have started as small businesses. But with the determination and strategies that they have used, they were able to make it to the top. This is exactly one of the major goals of Harv Eker’s The Million Dollar business secrets, which is an extensive training on how you can grow your business and become a millionaire.

If you avail of the training, you will also be able to enjoy the inbox blueprint 2.0. So, if you are an aspiring business owner, or if you already have an existing business, but you want to expand it, this particular guide will surely put you on the pedestal.

Getting into business

gfasgfasgfasgfasStarting a business is a huge undertaking. It does not mean that once you have the capital, you are ready to go. It takes more than having the investment. Once the business is put up, you need to have your customers, and here is when the real challenge begins. Depending on the group of consumers that you need to reach, you have to come up with an effective way of advertising whatever the products or services are that you are offering.

The competition in the business world

Getting the attention of the consumers is challenging. You have to remember that your company or enterprise is not the only one that is offering the line of products or services that you have. Hundreds or even thousands of other companies are marketing them. Of course, you can already anticipate that the business owners would try to outsmart one another. Just like you, their goal is to push their business and make it as successful as they possibly could. If you are unable to withstand the tough competition in the business world, then there is no doubt that you would be left behind.

Strong business foundation

gfasgasaaaIn order for you to survive in the business world, it is crucial that you provide your company with a strong foundation. And this includes all aspects such as the quality of products or services that you are offering, your employees or workers, advertising technique, and many more. Additionally, you have to properly manage the finances of your company. You have to monitor the cash flow since it is the main key to the development of your business.

Benefits of Hiring Pool Cleaning Professional

We all hate a dirty pool. Cleaning your pool can be quite tasking and time-consuming. As such, it explains why some pool owners find maintaining and cleaning their pool difficult. This justifies why property owners in NV should consider hiring Pool cleaning service in Las Vegas NV. Notably, besides cleaning, they should spend their precious time using this facility.

A muddy pool is unattractive and dangerous. If not maintained regularly, there is a great likelihood that harmful bacteria will encroach the water and use it a breeding ground for unwanted microorganisms.

Why hire a pool cleaner

Avoid Unnecessary Damages

Resonant filters and baskets used in conventional hnv423erd5t26e7u282cleaning practices can destroy cleaning pumps and equipment used in cleaning. In this regard, damaged equipment can be quite hard to repair. It also presents another risk of denting the walls, steps, and floors

Routine Maintenance

A pool cleaning or service company serves to help pool owners by conducting routine cleaning. Notably, cleaning and servicing entail brushing walls, steps, and the floor.This is arrived at by Skimming to remove the debris. In other instances, vacuuming presents an effective option when it comes to cleaning your pool.

Maintaining Water Levels

Pool cleaning companies also serve to maintain the water levels in the right position. Water levels are expected vary considerably because of natural phenomenon. However, an abnormal change should be treated with concern considering the possibility leakages. Identifying and resolving this early enough saves you both time and money.

Pool Treatment

Cleaning companies should be able to treat your pool professionally. As such, they should introduce a proper balance of chemicals to make it good for everyone. The help you balance the PH, remove unwanted minerals and kill bacteria in the pool.

Lengthen The Life of Your Pool

Periodic mrf3tegd6y27ed82i92o20aintenance ensures that you lengthen the lifespan of your equipment. As such, a good company should help you lengthen the lifespan of your equipment. A good company should be able to check the condition of your gear and act accordingly. The downside of not detecting the problem early enough is that they lead to extensive and costly damages

There are two options when handling your pool. You can opt to hire a cleaning company or invest in costly maintenance services. Considering that most of us are tied to busy schedules, it is imperative to find your pool in the right condition. Instead of waiting too long, it is advisable to outsource your pool cleaning services to cleaning professionals in your area.

Emergency Locksmith Services

asasasaWith safe and lock services you require to work with a locksmith services that are available on 24/7 hour basis. It is worth noting that lock problems can occur any time without your expectations. This is why it is good to have an emergency locksmith service like locksmiths Birmingham to help in such cases.

To ensure that you get the best, there are some things that a good locksmith should provide. Here are some of the things that great emergency locksmith services should have.

High quality security products

In order to offer you long lasting solution to your locksmith problem, a great emergency locksmith must have high quality security products. This will ensure that your lock will not malfunction again and provide great value for the money you spend. Despite that installation of high quality products will cost you more; it is worth the money because they are durable.

Licensed, qualified, experienced and reputable master locksmiths

The services must have master locksmith you can entrust with your project. They should be efficient, professional and provide high quality workmanship. The experts should always be available any time of the day or night when you call them. This high level efficiency is what ensures that you are not inconvenienced when you face such an emergency in your home.

Mobile service vans

It might be difficult for any emergency locksmith to provide efficient services if they do not have mobile vans. These vans help them to arrive in your property or your site within the shortest time possible. Therefore, before you agree to develop a long lasting working relationship with a certain service, check they have the mobile vans or other transport services.

Provide free quotes and assessments

A good emergency locksmith service will offer free quotation and assessments. This should be one way of helping them develop good working relationship with their clients. With such a service, you will end up saving some money because of the free services provided.

Offer warranty

Working with emergency locksmith services who offer long time warranty is the best decision you can make. Reputable emergency locksmith services will provide you with not less than three month warranty for the services they provide. In addition, their products should also have a warranty. They provide this warranty because they understand that they offer high quality locksmith services. This will save you money because for any locksmith problem that might arise during this period, you do not pay.

Solar And Lunar Eclipse

An eclipse is a situation that occurs when an object gets in between you and another object hence blocking your view.

From the planet Earth, we experience two types of eclipses: an eclipse of the moon also known as lunar eclipse and an eclipse of the sun also called a solar eclipse.

What is a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse? This is a question that often runs through the minds of most people who confuse the two.

Hence, this write-up is intended to give you a handful detail on both solar and lunar eclipse.


Solar eclipse

A solar eclipse is experienced when the moon gets between the sun and the Earth, and the moon casts a shadow on the Earth.

It only occurs in the phase of the new moon; this is the period when the moon passes directly between the Earth and the sun casting its shadow upon the Earth`s surface.

There are four types of solar eclipses as stated below.

lunar-eclipse-962804_6401.Total solar eclipse

A total solar eclipse occurs when the orbital planes intersect making the moon block completely the disk of the sun.

This is a situation that could last for approximately seven minutes.

A total eclipse is experienced on Earth about every eighteen months.

2.Partial solar eclipse

Partial solar eclipse is experienced when a part of the sun remains in view hence only a partial shadow passes on you.

The closer you are to that path of totality, the greater the solar obstruction that you will notice.

3.Annular solar eclipse

Annular solar eclipse is a rare type of solar eclipse.

It is similar to a total solar eclipse, but the only difference is that in this case, the moon is too small to cover the sun`s disk completely.

It lasts for approximately 12 minutes.

4.Hybrid solar eclipse

Hybrid solar eclipse, also known as an annular-total eclipse.

It is a unique type of solar eclipse that occurs when the moon`s distance is near its limit for a total shadow to reach Earth.

It starts as an annular eclipse and then it changes to a total solar eclipse hence the name hybrid solar eclipse.

Lunar eclipse

A lunar eclipse will occur when the moon passes through some portion of the Earth`s shadow.

It occurs only at full moon. This is a shadow that is composed of two cone-shaped sections, one attached to the other.

The inner shadow (umbra) is a region where the Earth blocks all direct sunlight from reaching the moon while the outer (Penumbra) shadow is an area where the earth blocks part of the sun`s rays from reaching the moon.

There are three types of lunar eclipses as stated below.

1.Penumbral Lunar Eclipselunar-961655_640

This is a form of a lunar eclipse that occurs when the moon passes through the penumbral shadow of the Earth.

It is a type of eclipse that is hard to observe because they are subtle.

2.Total lunar eclipse

This is an eclipse of the moon that occurs when the Moon passes through the umbral shadow of the Earth.

It is easy to observe because, in this case, the moon has a more striking red color.

3.Partial lunar eclipse

This is a form of the eclipse of the moon that occurs when a part of the Moon passes through the umbral shadow of the Earth.

All the events experienced in this type of lunar eclipse are observable even with the use of unaided eyes.

What is an executive order?

You are not the only one asking this question.

While a lot of people have heard this term used on numerous occasions, few of them can accurately define it.

Executive orders are very old.office-730681_640

In fact, they have been around almost as long as the United States constitution and they are often steeped in controversy.

Executive orders are basically directives that whoever is president issues to department heads, federal agencies and their employees.

Typically put into effect thirty days after they are published in the Federal Register, these executive directives are binding in the eyes of the law.

This is despite the fact that they are not explicitly permitted in the constitution.

businessmen-42691_640The first ever executive order was issued by George Washington in 1789.

Barely four months into his term as President, George Washington used his executive powers to proclaim the first national day of thanksgiving.

Since then, numerous presidents have utilized these powers to varying degrees, from Adams to Monroe and Madison.

Franklin D. Roosevelt alone issued an impressive 3,500 executive orders during his presidency.

It should be noted though that it was President Lincoln that first initiated the use of the term Executive Order’ in 1862, and it wasn’t until the early 1900s that the government began publishing executive orders.

Executive orders can either be documents directing executive branch agencies to carry out certain legislative missions or declarations of policy interpretation (these are intended for a wider audience).

While executive orders essentially bypass the U.S Congress, they cannot be used to direct agencies to carry out any activities that are deemed unconstitutional.

+Revoking Executive Orders

office-730681_640It is within the power of a United States president to override or withdraw an executive order at any point in time.

Presidents can also issue directives that supersede pre-existing executive orders.

It is not unheard of for incoming presidents to either revoke or replace the directives issued by their predecessors.

Additionally, congress has the power to pass laws which can make changes to executive orders.

The Supreme Court also has the power to either vacate or declare executive orders unconstitutional.

In 2009, presidential directives were declared by the Department of Justice to have the exact same effect as executive orders.

Executive orders are often the source of considerable controversy, with many a president often facing accusations of using the power executive orders grant them to make policy instead of simply implementing policy.
Even with the controversy they attract, most executive directives are upheld by the courts.